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Zorlu Center

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The Zorlu Center in Istanbul is the cream of the crop.  This place in the middle of the city fuses business, pleasure and relaxation together. The hypermodern complex is a world of its own in the metropolis called Istanbul. To create a relaxing place for the residents and the children a playground is created on the courtyard: the Zorlu Center Playground. A playground where not only children can come, but where residents can sit back and unwind on the playstructure of manufacturer IJreka, Dalfsen, The Netherlands.

Use of material

The use of wood is distinctive for the playground. The wood is used as cladding for the adventure towers and the streetlights. This is not exceptional as IJreka distinguishes itself in making playground structures with the use of timber. Exceptional is the use of Nobelwood, a wood product of high quality of Foreco Dalfsen, the sistercompany of IJreka. This company developed this type of timber as an alternative to tropical hardwood. Nobelwood is made of biological material, it has an even aging and low maintenance. Because IJreka builds the playground structure in close cooperation with the designer, there is a lot of flexibility in the use of materials. By choosing Nobelwood for a project like Zorlu Center Playgrounds, IJreka shows the high quality of this product.

The Zorlu Center Playground offers a wide variety of play possibilities. With trampolines, slides and adventure towers there is room for children of different ages. For the youngsters there are play structures close to the ground, for the older and more adventurous children there are higher adventure towers and a 25 meter long slide. This slide goes through the walls of the building and even goes a floor down. This makes the playground not only a place to relax but also to explore!

The realization of a playground at the Zorlu Center is an achievement that we are proud of. In a record winning time of 3 month the design of Carve was developed and produced. Short lines and well thought consultations have led to this achievement.
Bas Slijkhuis

Carve design and engineering

Together with different partners and with the design of Carve design and engineering IJreka build an unique playground. The playground not only offers a place to play for the children but a place for fun, relaxation and encounters.

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Client Zorlu Center
Location Istanbul
County Istanbul
  • Carve
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