The IJreka moment at the Laan van Spartaan

Laan van Spartaan

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Laan van Spartaan

Laan van Spartaan is a city development in Amsterdam West. The challenge of this project was to create three play structure not wider than one meter fifty on a narrow dike. Together with the designers of Carve IJreka succeeded in creating three exciting play structures, each twenty-five meter long.

The three play structures are designed for three different age categories. For the youngsters the most northern structure offers a lot play fun, whilst the middle structure, with play houses and hammocks offers a lot of fun for the somewhat older children. For the most adventurous children the southern structure offers some play challenges. The structure that stands out the most is the 38 meter long climbing course with steel houses, stainless steel slide, swings of bend steel pipes, a rope ladder and a tumble bar.


The engineering and design bureau Carve, from Amsterdam, designed the three play structures. The knowledge in engineering and designing of Carve in these projects, together with the specialised knowledge in preparation and realization of IJreka turns out to be a smooth cooperation. As the past already proves: the two companies have worked on major projects together, from the Billy Holiday in The Hague till the Zorlu project in Singapore.


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Client Amsterdam West
Location Amsterdam
County North Holland
  • Carve
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