• Climb, swing, jump and relax on this playground

    The IJreka moment at

    Zorlu Center


    For the children this playground offers a lot of challenging playstructures, for the parents there is room enough to sit back and relax.

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  • Play structure Flamingo

    the IJreka moment in

    Frederik Hendrik park


    This play structure named Flamingo in one of the most complex play structures.

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  • The Interlace playground in Singapore

    The IJreka moment

    At the Interlace playground


    This playground is created after the Interlace; six storey high appartment buildings. The containers a great playground with lots of challenging ways to climb or slide.

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  • Three exciting narrow playstrucures for different ages.

    The IJreka moment

    in Amsterdam


    These exciting structures are build on a dike. Therefore the challenge was to build versatile playstructures for different ages, but not wider than one meter fifty.

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  • Cloeziana bridge

    The IJreka moment

    at Omnium


    De eye catcher of the tropical garden is the skywalker that runs through the entire garden.

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  • Solid yellow structure to house equipment

    The IJreka moment

    in Haags Hopje

    The Hague

    This solid structure was build to house the equipment of the administrator. Besides the structure IJreka designed the basketball hoop, which also serves as a goal for soccer.

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The IJreka moment of

Russ Pinney 

"I took my son to the Frederik Hendrik Plantsoen in Amsterdam, where a design of yours has been recently installed. What a beautiful concept, brilliantly conceived! In an age where obsession with safety and cost cutting has stripped every last remnant of joy, adventure and aesthetic out of children's play equipment, it was a delight to watch kids racing to explore a structure that enriches and enhances the park's beauty rather than detracting from it."


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